Below is a collection of IPv6 related white papers, documents, websites and organisations.
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Documents, Papers and Research
Services in IPv6-only Networks Second document of a two part series written by RIPE NCC intern Joris Claassen (September 2012)
IPv6 Connectivity and the History of IPv6 at the RIPE NCC First in a two part series looking at the RIPE NCC’s IPv6 deployment history, written by intern Joris Claassen (June 2012)
RIPE NCC IPv6 Capacity Building Activities This RIPE Document outlines the RIPE NCC’s capacity building work and gives an overview of what steps are being taken to ensure all stakeholders are aware of why they need to deploy IPv6 and have access to the knowledge they need.
IPv6 for Decision Makers The RIPE NCC’s IPv6 for Decision Makers brochure offers an overview of what managers and other key decision makers need to know when it comes to IPv6 deployment
SURFNET’s IPv6 Addressing Plan A manual to help you create an IPv6 addressing plan.
SURFNET’s IPv6 Deployment in LANs SURFNET’s comprehensive document about deploying IPv6 in Local Area Networks (LANs).
Requirements For IPv6 in ICT Equipment RIPE Document on requirements for IPv6 in ICT Equipment.
IPv6 for All ISOC Argentina, in cooperation with the 6DEPLOY project, has released a new IPv6 Book “IPv6 for All: A Guide for IPv6 Usage and Application in Different Environments”.
ICANN’s Beginner’s Guide to IP Addresses A basic overview of IP addresses, their distribution and why we need to deploy IPv6 – a great guide for non-technical stakeholders.
The end of IPv4? Migration paths to IPv6 White Paper about various techniques for IPv6 Migration, IPv4 Preservation and IPv4/IPv6 Translation such as Large Scale NAT (LSN), Dual-Stack Lite (DS-Lite), NAT64, DNS64, 6rd, SLB-PT and more.
The Second Internet A book that thoroughly covers all the important aspects of transitioning to IPv6.
IETF IPv6 Operations List of all the RFCs and drafts related to IPv6 deployment.
Operational Security Capabilities for IPv6 Network Infrastructure An IETF Internet-Draft analysing operational security issues throughout a network (service providers, enterprises and residential users) and proposes technical and procedural mitigation techniques.
Infographics and Diagrams
IPv6: Evolution of the Internet Created for World IPv6 Launch, this RIPE NCC infographic tracks the development of IPv6 and the evolution of the Internet. (June 2012)
Why the Connected Age Needs IPv6 Orange Business Blog’s IPv6 Infographic on why your business needs IPv6 (June 2012)
Information for Governments
Deutschland-Online Infrastruktur: IPv6 Reference Manual The English translation of the German government’s IPv6 manual.
PTS: Deploying IPv6 The Swedish Swedish Post and Telecom Authority’s (PTS) practical guidelines on deploying IPv6
Google’s IPv6 Statistics Google collects statistics about IPv6 adoption on the Internet on an ongoing basis.
Potaroo APNIC’s Chief Scientist’s, Geoff Huston, personal site. Includes a series of research/stats articles on transition techniques and more.
RIPE Labs The RIPE NCC’s platform for network operators, developers and industry experts to expose, test and discuss innovative Internet-related tools, ideas and analysis. Contains statistics and analysis on IPv6.
Deploy360 The Internet Society’s (ISOC) dedicated IPv6 website.
6SOS: IPv6 Servicio de InformaciĆ³n y Soporte A Spanish website providing information about IPv6, help for setting up IPv6, demonstrations, FAQs and other documents.
6Bone Multilingual website explaining the phase-out of the 6Bone (the first IPv6 experimental network).
Organisations and Projects
6DEPLOY 6DEPLOY is a project funded by the European Union to provide IPv6 training and support for deployments to network operators, service providers and industry throughout the world.
DoD HPC The United States Department of Defense’s IPv6 information portal, including a wide variety of information about planning for IPv6 deployment and installing, configuring, securing, and testing IPv6 products, services, and networks.
Gogo6 IPv6 products, community and services.
go6 A not-for-profit institution whose mission is to create an open platform for knowledge and service exchange between its members, and to push IPv6 deployment in Slovenia.
IPv6 To Standard A webpage featuring a database of IPv6-enabled products, applications and services, with the references to the relevant RFCs.
Men & Mice The Men & Mice website offers a whitepaper and screencast outlining stepwise approach to IPv6 migration and planning.
IPv6 Observatory The IPv6 Worldwide Monitoring Study’s website. The European Commission commissioned inno to monitor the progress of IPv6 deployment around the world for the next 2 years. inno is supported by the University of Luxembourg and the Beijing Internet Institute.
Mailing Lists and Forums
RIPE IPv6-WG The RIPE IPv6 Working Group’s mailing list enables the RIPE community to discuss IPv6 policy and operational issues.
RIPE Address Policy WG The RIPE Address Policy Working Group mailing list enables the RIPE community to discuss and develop RIPE policies.
IPv6 Ops The IPv6-Ops mailing list is for people who already deploy IPv6. Its focus is on technical and operational issues and the development of the production IPv6 Internet cloud.