RIPE NCC Training Courses

RIPE NCC IPv6 For LIRs Training Course

The RIPE NCC offers the IPv6 Training Course to its members, known as Local Internet Registries (LIRs). The RIPE NCC website provides a course outline and all course materials for download. See the schedule of upcoming training events.



The IPv6 Roadshow, a joint initiative from the Middle East Network Operators Group (MENOG), the RIPE NCC and APNIC, offers three and five day events targeted at government and enterprise  network operators.


External Training Courses and Independent Consultations

The individuals or organisations listed below offer consultancy or training, can speak at events about IPv6, or can comment on IPv6 developments. If you would like to be included on this list, please contact us. The RIPE NCC does not endorse any of the individuals or organisations listed below and is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.

6DEPLOY is a project funded by the European Union to provide IPv6 training and support for deployments to network operators, service providers and industry throughout the world. The 6DEPLOY website includes a series of multimedia e-learning presentations that provides an introduction to the concepts and issues related to IPv6, while 6DEPLOY organise face-to-face workshops and hands-on training events throughout the world.
  • Men & Mice
The Men & Mice website offers a whitepaper and screencast outlining stepwise approach to IPv6 migration and planning.
  • Erion
Erion have been providing IPv6 training and consultancy for over ten years and have extensive experience of IPv6 in all sizes of organisations and across many different operating systems and platforms. Target audiences include; Network and Systems administrators, Network Security Specialists, Software Engineers through to Senior IT Management. In addition to a range of standard IPv6 courses, the company also provides Modular and Bespoke training courses. See also
  • Frans ter Borg
Quanza Engineering
Available for: Consulting and media comment
  • Andy Davidson
Available for: Consulting
  • Gert Doering
Co-chair of the RIPE Address Policy Working Group
SpaceNet AG
Areas of interest: IPv6 wide-area routing, IPv6 transition strategy
Available for: Consulting, media comment, conference speaking
  • Peter van Eijk
Digital Infrastructures
Areas of interest: IPv6 business cases, and IPv6 migration in public government
Available for: Consulting, media comment, conference speaking
  • David Freedman
Available for: Expert opinions, design issues, deployment experience, conference speaker
  • Chris Grundemann
Chris Grundemann’s Blog
Available for: Consulting, media comment, conference speaking
  • Silvia Hagen
Senior Consultant, Sunny Connection AG
Area of Interest: IPv6, Author of “IPv6 Essentials” published by O’Reilly
Available for: Consulting, education and training, conference speaking and customized corporate presentations
  • Dr David Holder
Erion Ltd
Areas of interest: Advanced networking topics such as IPv6, Windows and Unix/Linux integration, specialist email services including Sendmail services, and related topics, including Samba, DNS, Linux and Unix.
Available for: IPv6 training and IPv6 consultancy services
  • Aaron Hughes
6connect, Inc.
Areas of interest: Network architecture, system architecture, managed services, v4->v6 services, security services, custom distributed architectures, business development, green power/cooling, etc. Recently launched 6connect, Inc. which can fully manage just abount any service.  All of our gear is dual stacked and will have a European presence based on demand.
Available for: Consulting, media comment, conference speaking
  • Fredy Künzler
Areas of interest: IPv6 deployment strategies, network strategy
Available for: Conference speaker, media comment
  • Remco van Mook
Available for: Media comment, conference speaking
  • Network Utility Force
Network Utility Force has been designing and engineering IPv6 networks around the globe since 2008, including planning, deployment, migration and optimization for service providers, enterprises and government agencies. We also provide on-site, hands-on IPv6 training.
  • NIL d.o.o.
NIL d.o.o.
Ivan Pepelnjak
Jan Bervar
NIL d.o.o. is a Cisco (Learning Solutions and Gold) partner that has developed and delivered IPv6-related courses, supported by their own remote labs, for the past 8 years.
  • Stefan Neufeind
SpeedPartner GmbH
Area of Interest: IPv6 routing, IPv6 transition strategies, security
Available for: Consulting, conference speaker, media comment, education and training, service providing
  • next layer EDV Dienstleistungs und Beratungs GmbH
next layer
next layer blog
Available for: Consulting, media comment, and IPv6 transit services in Austria
  • Charles Norton
HN Networks
Areas of Interest: Telecommunications, data communications and networking technologies
Available for: IPv6 training both as public and on-site/client-specific courses, ranging from “Introduction to IPv6″ to “Hands-on IPv6″
  • Jordi Palet
Areas of interest: A recognised industry expert in IPv6 training, consultancy, deployment and other services
Available for: Consulting, training, deployment and transition strategies, media comment, conference speaking, other services
  • Job Snijders
Snijders IT

Areas of interest: LISP (Locator/Identifier Separation Protocol), IPv6 deployment, Migrations, Network Architecture, IPv6 over IPv4, ISP Cooperation
Available for: Consulting, Conference speaking, Media comment

  • Sander Steffann
Co-chair of the RIPE Address Policy Working Group
Areas of interest: Infrastructure, security, ISP, government
Available for: Consulting, media comment, conference speaking
  • Benedikt Stockebrand
Benedikt Stockebrand
Areas of interest: Deployment, migration, operations, troubleshooting. Author of IPv6 in Practice: A Unixer’s Guide to the Next Generation Internet.
Available for: Consulting, training, conference speaking, media comment
  • Joost Tholhuijsen
Tholhuijsen Consultancy
Area of interest: A freelance telecoms and network consultant and project leader, whose past experience includes working with the Verizon Business, British Petroleum and various Dutch cable companies. His work has included IPv6 support programs for SME markets and large scale network protocol migrations and IP renumbering projects. At this moment in cooperation with European Commission, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, TNO and IPv6 Task Force NL he is working on research, awareness and promotion of IPv6 to support EC’s and national IPv6 aspirations.
Available for: Policy and project consulting, training and awareness material development, IPv6 project management, conference speaking
  • Dick Tump
Shock Media
Available for: Consulting, conference speaking
  • Erik Vollers
NiVo Network Architects
Available for: IPv6 consultancy, seminars and training.