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Reaching the last /8
24 Sep 2012

Friday 14th September, 2012 saw a big milestone in the history of the Internet –  we announced that the RIPE NCC has finally reached the last /8 allocation of IPv4.

From now on, the RIPE NCC can only distribute IPv6 addresses and a one-time /22 IPv4 allocation (1,024 IPv4 addresses) from the last /8 to those Local Internet Registries (LIRs) that meet the requirements (for more information, see Reaching the Last /8.)

Media outlets across the globe began writing stories based on our announcement:

The news was covered all across the RIPE NCC region, but also went much further. Stories appeared as far afield as the US, India, Australia and the Far East, and it was covered by a range of media including national newspapers, consumer technology websites, and bloggers. We’ve included a selection below so you can see the media reaction:

BBC Online
Europe hits old internet address limits

Telegraph Online
Internet IPv4 address system hits its limit

Allocation for last batch of IPv4 addresses begins

Wall Street Journal Europe
Europe Reaches End of IPv4 Addresses

RIPE NCC handing out its last block of IPv4 addresses, tries to fend off internet survivalism

Europe reaches limit for old Internet addresses

L’Europe se voit attribuer son dernier bloc d’adresses Internet IPv4

PC Welt
Europa beginnt strenge Rationierung für IPv4-Adressen

RIPE: Europa gehen die IPv4-Adressen aus

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